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The world is a breath-taking place. With over 10,000 listeners all over the wold by sponsoring my show people from all over the world will know your business, your book, your invention, your couching, adverstize here and be great at the LizyT show


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AWARD WINNER  Absolutely Fabulous Women Award Winners of 2015 
2014 for Most Popular on line radio show!Ranked in the TOP 20 of 100 on line radio show in North America! 

The LizyT show has been feature in magazines ( Sj Image Creations ) TV show like the Nikki Clark show and many others.

​Winner of the Absolutely fabulous women award.

Currently we are writing a book to show how transforming the show has been.

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I have interview many celebreties and on the LizyT TV show giving them the TV expusour they need, My camera crue have travel all over Ontario and as far as USA to fill the TV shows.

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I have always felt I was not persuing my dream. The Lizy T radio show was born 2 years ago and we have the honor to say we have over 10,000 listeners all over the world.